Safety in the workplace doesn’t happen by accident. Being prepared for the unexpected reduces fear and anxiety in the moment, and keep you as safe as possible until help or relief arrives.


Emergencies can happen anywhere – at home or at work – and while there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to being prepared, there are a few ways you can manage crises better.


At DLE Court Reporters, we understand that those of us in the legal support services industry have unique workplace scenarios that have potential to present the unexpected. Here’s how we remain vigilant:


  1. We have a game plan. No one wants to experience a workplace emergency, but that doesn’t mean we’re safe if one comes along. Although we hope a deposition or court case will never escalate into a dangerous moment, we realize that there is always a chance it could. At DLE Court Reporters, we encourage our team to assess their surroundings and learn escape routes just in case. In case of violence, their courses of action may be different than fleeing; they may need to lock the door of the room in which they’re safe, or even fight back.


  1. We’re not embarrassed to react. Safety is risked when we hesitate. Our team at DLE Court Reporters is encouraged to take their safety seriously, no matter if their reaction proves to be unwarranted. Better safe than sorry!


  1. We stock necessities. What if you were stranded at the office for 48 hours? Would you have enough water and provisions to stay comfortable? What about an extra change of clothes, toiletries, and even a car kit with extra batteries and safety flares? Don’t forget about a travel first aid kit.


  1. Educate others. This may not be a discussion that other firms have with their teams proactively. Most wait until an emergency occurs to protect and inform their workforce. At DLE Court Reporters, we think it’s never too late to discuss all the what ifs.


  1. Protect your documents. We work in a confidential environment, and we at DLE Court Reporters take our clients’ security seriously. As such, the safety of any files, backups, or exhibits are our team’s first priority in an unexpected crisis.


Survival during a disaster is never an individual effort, so we take great pride in our DLE Court Reporters’ collective commitment and planning. If you’ve never considered workplace crisis management, maybe you should. Or, align yourself with a team that does.

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