At DLE Court Reporters, we believe in the power of our team. Whether it’s our process servers, translators, court reporters, or legal videographers, we know that their attitudes become the firm’s culture.


Shared goals are essential in creating a company culture that attracts the best and brightest teammates and clients. We’d love to share what works for us at DLE Court Reporters:


  1. We share our goals with our team. It’s crucial for us to create a strong company purpose and clear direction for our team. If our firm’s belief is rooted in providing ethical and intensely accurate legal support services, then our team is tasked with carrying out our values and intent with every process served, every deposition, every translation, and every legal video they produce.


  1. We hire amazing talent. At DLE Court Reporters, we don’t add needed bodies to our team; we add true teammates. Since the nature of our industry is often chaotic and deadline driven, we sometimes have to lean on each other to get the work done perfectly and on-time.


  1. We communicate and constantly check-in with each other. If you pop into our offices, you’ll often hear the phrase “Need anything?” and “How can I help?” Our team at DLE Court Reporters understands that our reputation is one of our greatest assets, so we never miss a chance to join together to make sure DLE Court Reporters’ work is the best in the business.


  1. We believe in our team. We can count on our team upholding our firm’s culture, as they can count on us to support them whenever and however necessary. Firms who thrive on mutual respect and consideration are the best firms to hire to add to your own.


  1. We have fun. We understand that a happy team with a clearly defined and supportive company culture is one that DLE Court Reporters enjoy being a part of. As such, they do their best work and take pride in coming together to create the most successful legal services support team in the business.


If you’re interested in a firm with a high-performance, winning culture, we’re your choice. Call us to add our enthusiasm, unrivaled work ethic, and proven expertise to your team.

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